Care & Maintenance

Remember. . no flooring is 100% stain proof extremely cautious with acne medicationsRemember. . no flooring is 100% stain proof extremely cautious with acne medications, household cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, chlorine bleach, insecticides, paint foods harsh substances as these can cause permanent damage to your flooring.

Tips for Maintaining your:


Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum,vacuum,vacuum! Regular vacuuming is the key to reduce soil accumulation and prolong the life of your new carpet. Depending on the amount of traffic your household receives will determine how often you should vacuum. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum at least once a week. Also, a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar performs best to extract those soil particles embedded deep in the pile.

Use Walk-Off Mats

The use of walk-off mats at all entrances will help prevent soil particles from being tracked through your entire household.

Use Furniture Rests

Always outfit your furniture, couches, coffee tables, beds, bureaus, etc. with the correct size furniture rest to avoid damage by sharp furniture legs. Never use rollers or casters on carpet over padding. This will cause your carpet to delaminate and your cushion to prematurely wear.

Use Care When Moving Furniture

When moving furniture on your carpet, always utilize a protective barrier between furniture and carpet to avoid tears, pulls or snags.

Be Aware Of Nature’s Course

Sunlight! Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight on your carpet. All carpets will slowly lose some of their color due to environmental factors. Blinds, shades and curtains are all possible solutions.


The use of a humidifier during dry climate spells will greatly reduce annoying static electricity.

Remove Spills Promptly

A fresh spill is much easier to remove than one which has been left to set. Blot out spills as soon as they occur. Some general rules for proper spill removal include, working from the edge of the spill towards the center, avoid over wetting the carpet, and always test cleaning agents on an inconspicuous area before applying directly to the spot. Never use a liquid household detergent or soap and always rinse after shampooing. The Flooring Network recommends that you consult the fiber and/or manufacturer’s stain removal methods for any spills that occur.

Periodic Professional Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaner that uses specially formulated cleaners will enhance the beauty and color of your carpet. Make it a point to annually have your carpet professionally cleaned.

What About…

Use curved fingernail scissors to remove burnt tips of carpet fibers. If the burn spot is deep, consult your authorized dealer.

Shading is an inherent characteristic of a dense saxony cut-pile carpet. Its shading char­acteristic is caused by the unequal light diffu­sion in most households. It simply adds to the beauty and value of your new carpet. It is NOT a defect.

Always clip pulled tufts or fibers from the carpet with scissors. Never pull them as this may cause unraveling of entire rows.

All new carpet will experience a period of nominal “shedding” where some fibers will be lost from the pile. A regular maintenance schedule will eliminate shedding.

Remove tufts or fiber ends that are longer than the carpet with fingernail clippers.

Pills or small balls of fibers can be eliminated by simply clipping off with scissors.

If fuzzing occurs, increase your mainte­nance schedule to remove dirt and grit that is cutting the fibers.

Hardwood Flooring:

DUST WEEKLY or as often as necessary with a clean soft dust mop.

PREVENT SCRATCHES and dulling with the use of mats or throw rugs at all entrances. Mats should be slip resistant with a backing that will not discolor your floor.

WOOD & WATER DON’T MIX – avoid water puddles on all hardwood floors. Wipe up spills immediately.

Ask your dealer for the best hardwood floor care products to use for your new hard­wood installation.

Vinyl Flooring:

Remove or wipe up spills as they occur and sweep as often as necessary. Wash regularly with the manufacturer’s recommended non-abrasive cleaner for removal of all embedded stains and to remove any loose particles that can dull or damage your vinyl floors. Ask your dealer for a maintenance guide for proper maintenance.

Ceramic Tile Flooring:

A SOAPLESS DETERGENT IN WARM WATER and a damp sponge is usually all that is needed to restore the fresh look of your ceramic tile flooring. Soaps are not recommended since they can dull your floor by leaving a film. Avoid steel wool pads and harsh cleaners that contain chemicals such as acid cleaners, vinegar, etc., that will dam­age the grout with repeated use.

Laminate Flooring:

LAMINATE FLOORS ARE EASY TO MAINTAIN with an occasional wipe over with a damp mop or cloth. Ask your dealer for the manufacturer’s care and maintenance brochure.